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Reckless Love

Reckless love are a Finnish glam metal band that have been creating music as a group since 2001. The band are easily identifiable due to their unique sense of style that optimises the glam rock look. With long hair, lovers of leather, studs and a touch of eye liner, Reckless Love's image defines them as individuals and as artists.

Who Are Reckless Love?

Although the band formed in 2001 it was not until 2010 that they released their debut album with Universal. During the early days of their collaboration they took a different approach to their music and were a little different to the band we know and love today.

Reckless Love originally started out as 'Reckless Life' and didn't initially create their own individual sound but instead tried to break the rock industry as a cover band, performing covers of Guns N' Roses hits. Whilst the covers were good, the band found they had little success. Determined to make things work together they decided to start writing their own songs, a decision that quickly paid off as they won the Kuopio band competition in 2004.

After this quick turn around the band progressed in leaps and bounds and in 2005 they started on a Scandinavian tour as part of the Kuopio Pop City Project, taking to the stage in Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

Due to the bands growing success they were later signed by Universal on the 23rd of April 2009. Universal saw the potential in both the bands unique sound and style and their first single 'One More Time' was quickly released after they agreed to sign. The band finally found success and their debut album was released in the UK, Belgium, Finland and The Baltic States. A Japanese version has even been produced too.

The bands sound is described as 'joyful' and considered refreshing when compared to other modern day rock music, which is typically dark and serious. Reckless Love opt for a slightly more upbeat tempo and their lyrics are generally uplifting. The band have managed to put the fun back into rock and revive glam rock brining it back to life.

Reckless Love is made up of four members and the current line up is a little different to the group when that first got together in 2001. So who are the men behind this glam metal band, and what lies beneath the eye liner, tight trousers and back combed hair?

Olli Herman Kosunen

Olli is the front man of Reckless Love and is from Kuopio in Finland. He also goes by the name H. Olliver Twisted. Olli is an original member of Reckless Love although he did spend a year as front man for fellow glam rock band 'Crash Diet' in 2007 after the previous front man Dave Lepard passed away.

Olli is married to Noora Niemela and together they feature as the main focus in Reckless Loves music video for their single animal attraction. The couple are not dissimilar in appearance as they both have long white blonde hair.

Hessu Maxx

Hessu Maxx is the current drummer for Reckless Love and replaced previous drummer Mike Harley in 2009. In an interview Hessu states that him and Olli had met when he was performing in his home town of Viilia on Christmas day. Olli told him if he ever needed a drummer he'd be in touch and when Harley left the band Maxx was the first person Olli turned to.

The dark haired and tattooed drummer was first introduced to a drum kit before he had even reached his first birthday and his love of rock music began to develop. Hessu jumped at the opportunity to play for Reckless Love and after an audition and a few rehearsals he was welcomed aboard.

Jalle Verne

Jalle is the bass player for Reckless Love and is an original member from the days of Guns N' Roses covers. Jalle become a father in 2011 to his first child, a baby boy. Jalle describes the band as a 'merry metal band' and his favourite tracks from their 2011 album are 'Sex' and 'Badass'. Jalle's main musical influences include Bon Jovi, Van Halen and Whitesnake.

Pepe Salohalme

Another original member, Pepe plays guitar for the Finnish glam rock band. Pepe is said to take a lot of control when it comes to writing the songs and has a lot of input along with Olli who writes most of the lyrics. Pepe has a home studio where he says the demo's of the tracks are made before recording them in the official studio.

Musical History...

Since they first started making music together in 2001 the band have released three albums, the debut album being released in 2010.

The first of the bands albums to be released was simply named 'Reckless Love' and featured 16 tracks, five of which were bonus tracks. Fans are reported to love the album and are particularly fond of tracks 'Beautiful Bomb', 'Romance' and 'Sex'. The track 'One More Time' from the first album was released as the lead single and topped Finnish charts and 'Beautiful Bomb' impressively received a fair amount of air play on MTV.

Their second album was released quickly after the first in 2011 called 'Animal Attraction' and featured 12 tracks. This album was described as 'slightly more commercial' than the first album but Reckless Love's sound only gets stronger in the tracks. Favourites from this album include 'On The Radio', 'Hot' and 'Animal Attraction'.

In 2012 they released EP 'Born To Break Your Heart' which featured 8 tracks including a cover of Thin Lizzy song 'The Boys Are Back In Town'. The EP also featured live tracks of songs 'Beautiful Bomb', 'On The Radio' and 'Hot', favourites from their previous albums.

The latest release from the band is the 2013 album 'Spirit' which features a graphic cover of the four members in 'day of the dead' make up which reflects the bands style perfectly. The most striking track of the album is 'I Love Heavy Metal' in which front man Olli makes reference to the bands favourite artists and songs. The album also features power ballads such as 'Edge Of Our Dreams' and 'Hot Rain'.

What Does The Future Hold...

Currently Reckless Love are touring to celebrate the release of 3rd album 'Spirit' which the band are very excited about for obvious reasons. With the powerful ballads, upbeat tracks and heavy guitar solos their 'Spirit' tour is said to be of their best yet. The band have great stage presence and images of them on stage during their current tour are emerging featuring as to be expected - neon lights (particularly pink), big hair and tight trousers, front man Olli performing drop kicks in bright pink shoes and of course an electric crowd singing along at the top of their lungs.

The album is expected to do as well, if not better than their last two as the popularity of this Finnish glam rock band continues to grow. The band continue to promote their latest album and throughout October 2013 are touring the UK stopping off at venues like The 02 Academy in Newcastle and London, and Rock City in Nottingham.

The band continue to develop their feel good glam rock sound and we imagine 'Spirit' isn't the last we will hear from the Finnish foursome. The band are great at what they do and we look forward to hearing more of their musical talent in the near future.